Hello, I’m Ricco!

Do you dream of living in sunny Malta? Let me assist you in achieving that goal and ensuring a smooth and trouble-free relocation experience.

Hello, I’m Ricco!

Do you dream of living in sunny Malta? Let me assist you in achieving that goal and ensuring a smooth and trouble-free relocation experience.

Assistance for all needs in Malta

Advice about finances, tax matters and relocation grants
Handling the entire relocation process and registrations
Property search, including buying and renting
Legal services and document handling
Setting up bank accounts for personal and business use
Insurance advice
Establishing and managing a business

Settle in Malta for these reasons

Discover Malta’s charm and history, dating back over 7000 years, with UNESCO world heritage sites and ancient structures featured in films like Game of Thrones and Jurassic Park.

The picturesque islands boast green landscapes, crystal-clear waters, lively music scenes, and charming townhouses all within easy reach. Experience diverse and unique surroundings just a few kilometres apart, with every area and town offering its own atmosphere.

Malta’s attractive business climate and start-up environment, with English and Maltese as the official languages, makes it a favourable destination for digital nomads, entrepreneurs and business owners. With numerous national and EU support programs available, Malta is the perfect place to grow your business.

Savour the broad gastronomic palette, from Michelin-starred restaurants to juicy steaks in Mdina and classic Italian cuisine in the streets of Valletta.

For the adventurous, there are cliff jumping, scenic hiking trails, and spectacular diving experiences with shipwrecks, bombers, submarines, and impressive open cave systems. Discover why Malta is considered one of the best diving destinations in the Mediterranean.

Attractive tax benefits in Malta

Low personal income tax from 0-35%
Income not earned, kept, or used in Malta is not taxed
15% tax on income not derived from Malta
15% tax for certain job titles when employed in Malta
7.5% tax on income from books including e-books
7.5% tax for athletes, coaches, and artists
Corporate tax of 35% or 5%
Capital gains are tax-free
No inheritance tax

Interesting facts about Malta

Mild winters and warm summers with 320+ days of sunshine per year
Both English and Maltese are official languages
Is a member of the European Union and uses the Euro as currency
The cost of living is relatively affordable compared to other European countries
The population of approximately 550,000 in an area of only 316 km²
Left-hand driving and British-style power sockets
The capital city Valletta is the smallest in the EU with approximately 5,000 residents
Have one of the lowest crime rates in the EU
Offers many expats communities and events

What others are saying

Ricco has been and still is a great help to me with everything related to Malta.

He knows all the details regarding the public apparatus. He is skilled and proactive and is clearly a person who goes a step further than you might expect. I cannot recommend Ricco enough when it comes to settling in Malta.

Furthermore, Ricco is extremely reasonable with its prices. I initially spoke to a law firm, but not only was the quality of their service far below that which Ricco consistently provides, they were also SIGNIFICANTLY more expensive. So I’m super happy that I got Ricco recommended. And I am happy to pass on that recommendation!

Anders Kargaard