Ricco’s biography

Born with a natural ability and a tendency for problem solving and all things technical, Ricco Mortensen (1977) shook off his shaky start in life and became a successful businessman in his own right.

His desire to help others and his innate knack for seeing answers where others cannot, has led Ricco to establish himself as a successful entrepreneur and a mentor to others.

Ricco Mortensen was born in Elsinore, Denmark. An only child, Ricco was a shy and nervous boy, often bullied for having different interests and having a different mind-set. He had an inquisitive mind and found that he was not given the answers he required. He wasn’t the typical neighborhood kid who loved to kick a ball around the playground.

He knew he was different but due to his young age he believed that he was weird in some sort of way and not as good as the other kids.

He wasn’t able to read or write very well and did badly at school but through a series of challenging situations and a natural tenacity to succeed, Ricco achieved more than anyone could have ever predicted.

Computers changed everything

The turning point in his early school life came when his school, Elsinore City School, became the last one in Denmark to introduce computers into their curriculum. At last, Ricco had found his true passion and niche in life! Ricco even helped the staff of the administration office with various technical challenges while expressing an innate entrepreneurial flair as he managed the school canteen for 800 children!

He was finally rewarded by his school when he received the first of many awards to come, for his outstanding character and performance. Many who knew him at this time may have thought he had finally found his life’s one true calling. Never one to be pigeon-holed, Ricco has proved a person can indeed have more than one calling.

Ricco’s first big career

Following the completion of a computer science degree, Ricco found a job working for an international corporation in which he rose to the top of the ranks during his eight years of employment there. This company was McDonald’s. Perhaps more often associated with French fries than career fulfilment, McDonald’s provided Ricco with the opportunity to plant his feet firmly in the often shaky ground of the business world, while putting into practice his natural love for helping and serving others.

While working at McDonald’s, Ricco discovered a myriad of ways in which the company could work smarter, save time and money, while achieving more through technology. Ricco’s proactive approach to business and his positivity caught the eye of his employers who then encouraged him to move on to pursue his own career even further by offering his expert services to McDonald’s.

At the same time, Ricco was setting up his own successful internet business and working on various projects. As was expected, he subsequently was able to count his former employer, McDonald’s, as one of his own clients. Beating the odds yet again, and defying the status quo of societal constraints, he pulled off a business coup of admirable proportions.

Life can be tricky!

During this time Ricco’s life was not without personal setbacks. He lost his mother to cancer when he was seventeen and his father, unable to accept Ricco’s homosexuality, became a stranger in his life. So much so that Ricco had to make the difficult decision of breaking all contact.

But these personal challenges have only served to make Ricco a stronger, more determined and focused individual, something which he is keen to share with others to help and improve their own lives. The mix of highs and lows, both in his personal and professional life, have given Ricco a solid foundation from which to stand tall and express his talents and achievements.

While enjoying great success with his own company, Ricco moved to Copenhagen and began living a high flying city lifestyle. Ricco has always been proficient and dedicated to his work, but unfortunately, there was no way he could have foreseen the collapse of his business at this time.

Being a warm and giving people-person, Ricco trusted someone who was to be his undoing during this period in his life. Disclosing confidential client information and then disappearing, only to be discovered to have been a criminal already well-known to the local police. In short, Ricco’s former colleague left him in the lurch with debts of €400,000, no car and no home.

His Company went bankrupt and he had to start all over again.

Joining the Worlds biggest media agency

Ricco began to feel doubtful of his entrepreneurial abilities and his future, which led him to begin working as an employee for the international media agency InterPublic Group in Copenhagen. He began working as a receptionist and quickly worked his way up and quickly gaining the attention of the chairman, who invited Ricco to be his executive assistant. Ricco took on this new position with gusto and as always, gave the challenge his all, improving conditions and systems within the company to his usual high standards.

Ricco had suffered from stress before, and now it reared its ugly head again, but he didn’t let this slow him down for long. He successfully conquered this and learned how and when he needed to relax and take time out, without missing a beat in his career. But start again he did. This is one of the core messages Ricco impresses upon those who hear him speak at seminars and lectures, rising up again when setbacks bring you down while maintaining a balanced sense of self in the process.

There is always a way

No matter how low life takes you and how many difficulties and setbacks you encounter, you can recover every time and you can build the life you deserve. All you need are the right tools. As someone who has been there but who still possesses a strong thirst for learning, Ricco can empathise with people who are struggling and can help them succeed.

Once again his true desire and passion for being an entrepreneur surfaced, knowing that he could never escape from his true inner self which was being a successful entrepreneur. He soon left his job at the agency to move west, where he lived a slightly quieter country lifestyle for a time.

Ricco has never been one to be idle and when the opportunity came to take a lecture on business at the regional university, he jumped at the chance. A brief encounter at one of these seminars led to yet another opportunity to do more of this. Always on the lookout for new mountains to climb, Ricco took the reins once again and relished the journey ahead.

Finding the purpose of life

Since 2012, Ricco has been a consultant, where he advises and helps clients optimize their online businesses. In mid-2012, the agency partnered up with the educational company Bigum&Co. This partnership allowed Ricco to teach at VIA University College in Aarhus for their 6-week online marketing education program where he educated nearly 1,000 skilled students in online marketing.

In late 2014, Ricco was fortunate enough to negotiate and receive a tax-free scholarship, which made it possible for him to take the full year of 2015 off to focus solely on building a non-profit charity with the purpose of helping entrepreneurs succeed in the online world. In 2016, he returned to work at the agency and in April 2016 the foundation finally became a reality.

The foundation holds lectures, courses, bootcamps, publishes books, and arranges various educational activities in online marketing and how to run a successful business – all of which are incredibly popular. The responses from people have been positive, heartfelt and enthusiastic. All the work Ricco does for the foundation as Chairman of the board is unpaid, and the thrill of passing on his knowledge, along with his A-list expertise in technology is a driving force in Ricco’s life.

It became apparent that he could do all of this work, to his usual high standard, with enlivening talks that motivate and light the fire of possibility in everyone who hears him speak. Ricco was always in search of better climates in foreign lands and once again pursued what he really wanted and what brought him happiness.

Ricco is now fortunate enough to be enjoying the best of both worlds, splitting his time between the dynamic and cultural city of Copenhagen, while flying south to sunny Barcelona in Spain during the winter months. Barcelona, a city which offers light, warmth vitality, and a cosmopolitan lifestyle, is the perfect location to complement Ricco’s vibrant personality. No matter where he is in the world, Ricco will inspire people from all walks of life, and will use his expertise to be of service to all he meets.

Using his extensive life experiences and business know-how, Ricco aims to help people who share the same dream as himself, in the sense of becoming an independent and successful entrepreneur, while simultaneously helping to improve their lives and current lifestyle, by achieving their goals and living life to their full potential.