Course in digital entrepreneurship

Course in digital entrepreneurship

Invest 4 days and see your business soar to new heights by joining the intensive course only for ambitious online entrepreneurs.

Does this sound familiar?

You have a website and you need to increase the traffic and profitability.
You know that it’s important to be on the first page of Google, but you don’t know how to get there.
Everyone is talking about responsive and mobile-friendly websites but you think it sounds too expensive and difficult.
You want fans and likes on your social media pages like your Facebook but your efforts are not giving you the results you want.
You have no idea what to blog about and think blogging is not part of a digital marketing strategy.
The subscriber list to your newsletters is too small to even matter and you’re not making any money from them in the first place.
You would like to automate tasks that will increase your income, save you a lot of time and money.
You’d like to know how to improve your entrepreneurial skills and perhaps even wish to become a digital nomad or location-independent digital entrepreneur.
In general, you think it’s all a bit confusing – how to operate your business online and knowing where to start.

Quick course facts

Study title
Course in digital entrepreneurship

Tuition fee
$199 USD

Next class
4th – 12th of October 2021

Teaching location
Live online class

Number of seats
Max 50 entrepreneurs

Teaching language

Study duration
1 week (4 teaching days)

Teaching from 10:00 to 13:00 CET with 30-minute sessions divided by 15-minute breaks.

Course certificate
A course certificate will be issued at the end of the training.

Explore the course programme

Teaching day 1 – Monday
You will get the grip on how to create your digital strategy, automation, outsourcing, coordinating your tasks and how to target your audience efficiently online.

Teaching day 2 – Wednesday
You will dive into building a good-looking website in WordPress. You will learn the necessary and important elements of the digital world and how to generate leads and make sales.

Teaching day 3 – Friday
It’s time to be looking at email marketing with MailPoet, so you can get a grip on ways to communicate with your potential customers on autopilot and make sales!

Teaching day 4 – Sunday
Finally, we’ll touch the world of online advertising by exploring Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads and make all your digital initiatives work altogether.

Learn vital skills online

You will join the course online using a smart online teaching platform where you will both see and listen to your teacher.

You can raise your hand, ask questions and interact just as if you were in a physical classroom.

All the online classes are recorded for you to replay at any time.

What previous attendees have said

Mikael Mikkelsen

Ricco is great at getting everyone in the group to understand the topics and software used during classes.

Although all students start at different levels, the level is high and no one gets lost along the way. I have gone from an open rate of 29% in my newsletter to 42% and my click-through rate has gone from 3% to 10%.

Thanks for a super course. I’m sorry I wasn’t on such a course many years ago. I have really been inspired to work more with online marketing and webshops.

Mikael Mikkelsen
SEO Manager at Matas A/S

Inger Hjort

Broad but also good and solid knowledge in relevant areas concerning online marketing. I have after completion of the course, made an agreement regarding a contracted consultancy relating to the relaunching of a website – of course made ​​in WordPress.

It is an amazing experience that your teacher is so involved in both subject and us students – even after course completion – both regarding good advice and support – many thanks for that!

Inger Hjort
Event Director at Wi-Fi Now and owner of Connecte

Thomas Gajhede

The course gives you the great overall picture you need in order to gain success on the internet! Great being here, and you learn more than you initially expect.

I have personally saved a lot of money on tools alone.

Thomas Gajhede
Online marketing manager

Katja Schwartz Hansen

Very ambitious course in online marketing with a super dedicated teacher.

You cannot complete the course without being motivated, inspired and gaining insight into the latest trends along the way.

Katja Schwartz Hansen
Teacher at HF & VUC FYN

Feel free to read more testimonials from other course attendees.

Can you say yes to the following?

Are you spending too much time on things that give no results?
Do you think that you’re the only one with no strategy?
Do you have a website that’s not profitable enough?
Are you about to build or redesign your website?
Do you think that email marketing is old fashioned?
Is it hard for you to get followers on social media?
You are not alone!

During this digital entrepreneurial course, you’ll learn which mistakes even the most experienced digital entrepreneurs make and how you can make money avoiding them!

You’ll be able to immediately apply the changes you need to make – the ones that will make a real difference in your online business.

The most amazing thing is that the changes will make your business run on autopilot online.

You’ll be provided with profound insights and an immediate strategy for optimizing your online efforts and increase your revenue.

You might also recognise this:

You have a beautiful website with lots of content and nice photos.
You are ongoing posting on social media about your products.
You are sending out email newsletters with exciting news about your company.
You run some online ads but feel it’s like throwing money out the window.

…And still, you have too few visitors to your website to make a real difference in revenue and sales.

So now what do you do?

Should you lower your prices and earn even less? Should you redesign your website to make it nicer?

Should you post (even more) more content on your Facebook page to increase the number of fans?

If you’ve had thoughts like these there is some important news for you – first some annoying news and then some good news.

First for the annoying news

You are probably making the classic mistakes – even if you have a beautiful website. Lowering your prices won’t help because they’re probably at the level they should be. Posting more content on Facebook will not necessarily increase your sales.

This is because you’re missing the glue that holds it all together, the simplicity and the recognizable value your clients are looking for.

Yes, it’s that simple. Simplicity for your visitors, a connection between your website, your newsletters, your social media and online ads – and a consistent and constant value for your customers.

And now for the good news

During this digital hard-skill course you’ll learn smart and simple techniques that will make it easy and interesting for your visitors to follow your digital profiles, book meetings, purchase on your website, sign up for newsletters – or whatever goals you have. You’ll be able to put all of this into action after the course!

We will teach how to provide value for your visitors because you’re the best one to understand their problems and provide them with the change they are looking for.

This digital entrepreneurial training is also design to teach how to make your email newsletter kick arse with loads of valuable content and make online ads that work – to the point where the customer will get out their credit card and start converting right away – increasing revenue for your business.

All because you will gain the insight, strategy and essential techniques on this course.

Because you will have new knowledge, a new perspective and will be able to see it all coming together after attending this intense course for digital entrepreneurs.

Listen to Caroline, a former attendee

You will learn…

What you are (most likely) doing wrong at the moment.
What to do instead.
How to do it.
The order of actions needed.
What tools you should use.
How it all fits into the big picture.

Are you ready to learn more?

After the course you will know:
How to connect your website, social media, email marketing and online ads.
How to easily get more subscribers to your email list.
How to help your visitors and guide them to exactly where you want them to be.
You’ll learn how to build a conversation with value – one that makes the customer want to communicate with you, visit your website or purchase from your webshop. It’s all about conversions and goals.
You shouldn’t have to even think about direct sales from your organic social media pages like Facebook or Instagram.
Instead, you form friendships and create a dialogue within your audience – on autopilot.

During the course, you’ll learn – step by step – how to work strategically, tactically and operationally for all your online activities.

This course is meant for you who…

Are an entrepreneur, business owner, project manager or someone responsible for their company’s business online and want to increase revenue generated from these online activities.
Lack of a general digital marketing strategy and insight and don’t know where to begin or where to take action.
Have read and heard lots of guides and instructions but still feel unsure about how to work with all this online stuff.
Understand the basics but still want to improve and become better than your competitors.
Want to know how to generate automated leads, revenue or passive income.

About Ricco as your expert teacher

Ricco Mortensen is an expert in digital entrepreneurship and also a speaker, mentor and the Chairman of the Board at the Ricco Mortensen Foundation which is a nonprofit foundation for digital entrepreneurs.

Ricco is originally from Denmark and now lives in Malta from where he teaches on the foundation’s entrepreneurial courses where he also runs his commercial business helping Danes relocating to Malta.

He has built several digital businesses and has been advising entrepreneurs for more than 20 years.

In addition, Ricco has previously for several years, been the headteacher in online marketing at Denmark’s largest university of applied sciences VIA University College.

Thousands of people have witnessed Ricco’s unique teachings – learning how to successfully run a business, automate processes, digital strategies, website creation, online advertising, user behaviour, conversion optimisation, outsourcing, payment solutions, setup of companies, tax optimisation for entrepreneurs, and clever ways to do anything and everything imaginable.

The main focus is to teach invaluable knowledge on how to design the entrepreneurial lifestyle you have always dreamed of, gain success from your strategies and earn some good money in the process.

A course certificate is issued

Ricco Mortensen Foundation - Certificate - 4-day digital marketing course

You will be issued a certificate of excellence after completing the course in digital entrepreneurship. The certificate will be issued by Ricco Mortensen Foundation.

Extra high-value bonuses

Free tools and discounts on services
You’ll get a free test WordPress website, plugins, themes, software as well as huge discounts on a great selection of online services.

Learn from an industry expert
A unique one of a kind non-academic teaching experience from an international industry expert – teaching you real hands-on things that you can use and execute from day one in any type of business.

Build your business while learning
Being able to actually learn and build your business online during the course and perhaps earn profits even before you finish.

Make your business run on autopilot
Build strong online concepts that will generate leads and money on autopilot, run a business by outsourcing tasks to the right people while being able to design your laptop entrepreneurial lifestyle – if you wish.

Access to closed Facebook-group
You will get access to the closed online community where you can ask questions and get help from your fellow students, as well as from me as your teacher.

The price for the course

Your investment in the course in digital entrepreneurship with 4 days of intense training is a tuition fee of just $199 USD.

Bring home digital skills which you will profit from for the rest of your days as an entrepreneur, business owner or project manager.

If you have no idea how to get the most out of your hard-earned money, structure your business and digital strategy in the best possible way – then yes, you are going to be sitting at that desk for a long time, without fulfilling all your entrepreneurial dreams and goals

It’s even worse if you’re sitting there waiting for business solutions to magically appear – because things simply don’t work that way. First, you must fully comprehend the models, techniques and methods to ensure your success.

That is what you’ll learn at the course in digital entrepreneurship, after which you can go gleefully home and create the results you’ve been missing as well as have the entrepreneurial life you’ve always dreamed of.

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