Going to check out Marbella and Gibraltar for a few days

Just turned on my laptop whilst in the air travelling on the Norwegian flight towards Malaga. I am going for a few days to check out the Marbella and Gibraltar area to see if these will be good spots for me to live in.

This morning I drove from back home to Copenhagen where I dropped off the dog at a dear friend. It took me six hours to drive due to snow and an accident. An hour and an half more than usual. I am already a bit exhausted and of course, the flight was delayed 55 minutes as we had to wait for some people from Oslo in Norway.  We have now been waiting three hours forty minutes in the air.

Why are some airplane passengers so annoying?

Did you ever happen to come across those annoying people on a flight that are just never satisfied? I am this “lucky” to have an elderly couple just like that sitting next to me on the flight. The husband was loudly requesting free coffee and free drinks.

I just loved the very lovely female cabin crew hostess who approached him with the most kindest of replies: “I really do not think so”. That did the trick to keep him quiet. It is just a standard flight not first class on Singapore Airlines!. They weren’t at all relaxed and happy seeing that they were going on holiday!

I managed to remember to enjoy the present and just enjoyed the extra break relaxing and thinking a bit of my future plans.

Oh by the way. The cabin chief is damn hot. A nice looking guy with a tiny Spanish twist. Always a pleasure to have something nice to look at when waiting, ha ha.

Will this be the final decision making trip finding my new residence?

I am not sure. The purpose of my trip this time is to feel whether Marbella in Spain or Gibraltar is one of the places I would enjoy living in. Tomorrow I will meet with a real estate agent I have met a couple of times before to show me some penthouses in Marbella. I am really looking forward to seeing the selection of apartments he has to offer.

I try not to have too many expectations and just let that feeling of entering the room decide. It just needs to be WoW and feel just right not only the apartment but also the neighbourhood put together. It all really does need to be of charming character and extremely well maintained and beautiful. Whatever that is exactly is hard to describe. I will just know instinctively whether it is the right place for me once I’m there. . Then of course come all the requirements and wishes on my checklist. Well, I know that not all of them can be fulfilled.

I have booked a hotel in the centre of what seems to be in the middle of it all. I am looking very much forward to waking up tomorrow morning and seeing the area in daylight.

Can I remember to drive with a manual car?

I did book a nice Audi A4 automatic last night to pick up today at Malaga Airport. The agency called me this afternoon while I was on my way to Copenhagen to inform me that there were no automatic cars left for me. They did try to book an automatic with some other car rental companies but with no success.

When you first get used to driving an automatic, you never go back to a manual! With all the mountains and hills at Costa del Sol, this will be fun. The car better have a good engine. I do not appreciate driving in the slow lane with the car in second gear going uphill with the engine sounding as if it’s being driven by an old lady.

Oh, the handsome cabin chief just passed by again!

I wonder what kind of impression Gibraltar will give me?

I must say that the thing I am looking most forward to on this journey is to visit Gibraltar. The thing of living in a total English environment is so appealing to me. On top of that, all the British-ness just makes it seem so much better.

If London had better weather, I think I would live there. It rains more in London than it does where I live in Denmark. . So it would be pointless moving there since I’m in search of some better weather!

Just before getting on the flight, I check the weather forecast for both Marbella and Gibraltar. Oh no, fifty percent chance of rain on Saturday in both places. That was definitely not the plan!

Flight entertainment

Just looked at the flight screen monitors. I have seen the same Donald Duck and Pluto cartoon so many times now. Dear Norwegian, this cartoon movie has been shown for more than half a year now. I guess I fly too much to pay attention to that kind of stuff. Details baby, details.

Well, I love flying with Norwegian compared to other airlines. They’d better soon fix the wi-fi on the Malaga flight. It has never worked and the flight crew always apologise for it on this route. I even wonder if they have installed the equipment at all on the aircraft.

Now a flight commercial just showed up on the screen to go skiing! Eh, no! I am heading for southern Spain for sun and warm weather. I got plenty of snow back home.

Oh, just passed Paris.

Great things to happen at work

At work this week, one of my colleges and I are trying to complete a new online marketing education concept that will be available both in Danish and English in the near future.

The Danish lectures in online marketing which I have been performing the last year and a half have been great. I love doing it but my expertise needs to be used elsewhere in the company.

Personally, I also feel it is time for me to bring out my knowledge to even more people. This is to be on a higher level combining online marketing with my great knowledge in entrepreneurship on a European level.

I am so pleased that one of my great colleges has already taken over half of my current lectures. It is so great to see that she is able to pass on the knowledge to the students whilst using my thoughts and concept that I know works so well.

Life is so exciting these days

The journey I am on currently both personally and at work is very exciting and it feels so right. My life is usually exciting but what is going on lately is something special. Ideas and thoughts, which I have been thinking about for years now are starting to come to life.

I am so fortunate to work on the things that I love and with the current work plans, I will very soon in the not too distant future be able to work from anywhere and not be bound to any physical location most of the time. This is the exact way of living I have always dreamt of.

With my recent break up with my ex-boyfriend a few months back after being together for six years, I now have the opportunity to do exactly what I want to do just for myself without having any obligations. Except for Lucas the dog, but this I can fit in, I hope.

Ding dong, it is time to land so I better shut down the equipment! Take care.


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