Online marketing internship in Malta

Online marketing internship in Malta

Get an online marketing internship and acquire practical knowledge along with a great opportunity to enhance your skills.

Online marketing internship in Malta

Get an online marketing internship and acquire practical knowledge along with a great opportunity to enhance your skills.

About the company

The company offers a stress-free solution for European citizens relocating to Malta, expertly managing everything from government registrations to finding a client’s dream home.

In addition, courses are held for entrepreneurs who want to become digital nomads, arrange inspirational tours and assist EU and EEA citizens to create a good life in the sunny southern Mediterranean.

Gain insight into how a small successful business works and is operated. With the new knowledge, you will learn, you can instantly go out and use it successfully in a job or within your own company.

Your role as an intern

As an intern, you will be a leading member of an online marketing campaign. 

You will administer, run and play a vital role in putting a particular campaign together as well as participating in events.

It will have a primary focus on online marketing where you will learn all the necessary skills. 

You will learn how to become an online marketing project manager and it is expected you take full ownership, have a drive and will handle the whole process from start to finish.

About your internship in Malta

The company is located on the sunny island of Malta and is owned by Ricco Mortensen, with whom you will work closely along with the team. You will work from here during the internship period.

You will get the opportunity to focus on specific topics e.g. digital strategy, search engine optimisation (SEO), website design, email marketing, online ads and copywriting. 

No matter if you choose to take an online marketing internship in summer or winter, the weather is always sunny and nice in Malta. 

Republic Square i hjertet af Valletta på Malta

Your tasks as an intern

Attend and plan all campaigns of online media activities.
Find relevant keyword phrases and perform search engine optimisation. 
Assist in designing web pages in WordPress for the campaign.
Create engaging online ads for Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram.
Set up split tests and optimise conversions.
Take responsibility for email marketing automation.
Follow up and adjust online advertisement efforts by analyzing data.
Take cool photos and record videos to be used for the campaign on social media.
Plan and publish posts on Facebook and Instagram.
Interact on social media to create awareness about the campaign.
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The expectations of you as an intern

You should either be in the process of or have relevant education in marketing or entrepreneurship – or simply be self-taught and a bit of a nerd (in a good way) at what you do.

You are independent, curious, self-motivated and fluent in English, both speaking and writing. If you speak Danish too that would be great, but it’s not a requirement.

The online marketing internship is full-time, unpaid (unless you receive a subsidy from the government and/or EU) and the duration is from 3 to 12 months.

Get a subsidy for your stay in Malta

If you are currently studying, you can in most cases continue receiving your subsidy from your local government while taking your internship in Malta.

In addition, you can apply for Erasmus+ financial support to cover your travel costs, accommodation, etc.

If you are an entrepreneur – or would like to become one – you can also receive a €720 monthly grant from the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs exchange programme.

You will get help finding good and affordable accommodation in Malta.

You will have to pay the rent and living expenses yourself. Living expenses in Malta are quite low compared to most other Western EU countries.

Ricco Mortensen - Upper Barrakka Gardens

What previous interns have to say

Sofie Hartmann
Professional Bachelor in Leisure Management

My internship in Malta, which lasted 5 months, has been a lifetime experience.

I have developed a lot throughout my stay at Ricco. I have gained a lot of new skills and knowledge, strengthened those I had before, as well as gained some resilience that I will take with me further when I enter the labour market.

During my internship, I have really been allowed to have hands-on and be a part of everything in the company. I have primarily worked in-depth with digital marketing and event management.

I was assigned to be the project manager, and there I have, in collaboration with Ricco, created a completely new concept for the company. The whole process from start to finish has been so exciting.

I worked with brainstorming, audience selection, SEO, finance and pricing, google ads and email flow, including storytelling and copywriting. It has given me a huge insight into the wide palette and how it all fits together. In addition, it has led to me becoming more confident in my work, and I have confirmed what I think is exciting and what I think less about.

Ricco is an amazing person whose teaching skills are incredibly good. He is patient and gives you space, but also knows how to challenge you so. All this contributes to new knowledge that you will be able to take with you further in life.

I can only recommend being an intern at Ricco Mortensen. It has been an amazing journey I will never forget.

Mikkel Sørensen

Mikkel Sørensen
Service economist, Business Academy Aarhus

I have had the joy of being an intern with Ricco Mortensen for 3 months. During my stay, I have had the opportunity to learn the full range of digital marketing, directly from an expert in digital entrepreneurship with more than 25 years of experience.

I have learned things from Ricco, that I have never learned in school or anywhere else. I now know how to make ads on social media and Google. I’ve learned how to build a user-friendly website and search engine optimize it, and much more. In short, I have learned everything from A to Z about entrepreneurship and online marketing.

In practice, I have worked independently under the guidance of Ricco. It has strengthened me and my confidence and I have received a lot of feedback that I can use forward in life. Ricco is a super good teacher from whom you can learn a lot. He is an expert in how to use various tools within digital marketing.

Malta’s super nice sunny weather has only improved my internship. Not to forget all the great experiences I have taken with me home. Experiences I would never have had if I had been an intern in Denmark.

Most importantly, my internship at Ricco has opened my eyes to what I find interesting and what I am best at. It has made it clear to me what further education I would like to apply for afterwards.

If you are dreaming of a future in digital marketing or entrepreneurship, I would definitely recommend an internship at Ricco.

Yaser Osman

Yaser Osman
Professional Bachelor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

As an intern, I have developed myself a lot professionally in just three months.

Ricco has been great at passing on his knowledge and learning how to use different tools in the right way, to push a business towards success.

In three months, I have learned about Google advertising, Facebook advertising, email marketing, copywriting, website development, SEO optimization and more.

It has been a great experience to get to know Ricco and work with him. As an intern, you are involved when decisions have to be made and your thoughts and opinions are listened to.

Mette Birk Nielsen

Mette Birk Nielsen
PPC Specialist at iProspect

I have had the joy of being an intern for 3 months, where I have had the opportunity to work with the following tasks within online marketing:

  • Adwords, including keyword analysis, ad creation, and performance analysis
  • Facebook advertising and use of Power Editor, including retargeting advertising
  • Email marketing and building email workflow in Campaign Monitor
  • Building landing pages in WordPress
  • SEO, including keyword analysis and texts on landing pages
  • Conversion optimization and split testing

Throughout the internship period, I have been involved in selecting the work assignments and with Ricco’s expert guidance, I have learned a lot about the topics that I think are the most interesting in online marketing.

I have had great freedom to perform the tasks independently, come up with suggestions and test things out. Ricco is good at explaining and showing how to use programs, etc. and giving feedback on what your projects.

The 3 months of the internship have been both exciting and challenging. I have developed my skills and have become wiser about my own competencies, as well as become more focused in relation to which tasks I want to work with in the future.

The internship period has also contributed to my getting a job at a Digital marketing agency as a PPC Analyst.

If you are a student, unemployed or considering becoming self-employed and want to learn about online marketing, then I can only recommend an internship at Ricco.

And if you are goal-oriented and willing to make an effort to learn, you will have the opportunity to gain useful experience and guidance from an expert in entrepreneurship and online marketing.

I want to thank Ricco for a good and educational internship and for helping me out with my job search.

Are you the next intern?

The number of intakes is limited to only a few interns each year, so please send in your application as soon as possible.

Next intake
From January 2024

Initial requirements
1. You are over 18 years old when the intern begins
2. You are an EU citizen
3. You can speak and write English fluently

How to apply
Send your application to along with a nice picture of yourself, your CV and the answers to the following questions:

1. When do you wish to start and end your internship (minimum 3 months)?
2. Which top three topics described in the internship are you most interested in?
3. Why exactly should you be the next intern?
4. What educational or work background do you have that makes you a good match?
5. The knowledge that you wish to learn, what do you intend to use it for?

Looking much to hearing from you.

Kind regards,