Malta property search and inspirational tour

Malta property search and inspirational tour

Embark on a 4-day exclusive trip to the southern sun in Malta and find your future dream home.

The price includes 18% Maltese VAT.

Find your dream home in Malta

If you are dreaming of a home in the southern sun and would like help finding a property, then this inspiration journey is just the thing for you.

Tailor your trip and see what Malta has to offer. Become wiser about which areas and properties that suit your specific needs and wishes.

Take an exclusive sightseeing tour/inspiration tour and make your dreams of living in the southern sun come true.

Throughout the journey, you will receive knowledgeable individual and impartial advice about your options and what you can get for your money.

The purpose of the inspiration journey/tour is to clarify where in Malta your perfect dream home is located.

Welcome to the good life in the southern sun.

The price includes 18% Maltese VAT.

Explore the journey to Malta

Before you arrive in Malta, an online clarification meeting will be held where your properties wishes will be clarified. A few weeks before your arrival, an intensive property search begins with selected professional real estate agents.

Subsequently, you will be presented with a selection of relevant homes, after which you will hand-pick a total of 8 properties which will be displayed over two days when you arrive in Malta.

The inspiration journey/tour extends over 4 days, where you get to visit various relevant areas in Malta.

You will arrive in Malta where you will be picked up at the airport and driven to your hotel. In the evening there is a tour of Valletta – the EU’s smallest capital – and afterwards, we will eat dinner together if you wish.

The two next days will be demonstrations of delicious homes and exploration of various areas. There will be snacks and lunch along the way. In the evening we go out to eat if you like.

Monday wee will say goodbye, and you will be picked up at the hotel and driven to the airport.

Scheduled available travel dates

19-22. November 2021
17-20. December 2021
14-17. January 2022
18-20. February 2022
18-20. March 2022
15-27. April 2022

If you want other travel dates than the above, please write an email with your wishes.

The price includes 18% Maltese VAT.

The inspiration journey/tour includes

You will be taken care of from the time you are picked up in the morning at the hotel until the screenings are finished in the afternoon.

Along the way between the screenings, you get delicious lunch, snacks in the car and drinks in exclusive places around Malta.

When the screenings are over in the afternoon, you have time to explore Malta on your own.

Dinner is not included, but if you wish, we can meet and eat together and talk about the day’s impressions.

You can choose to go out to eat at some of Malta’s cosiest cafes, luxury restaurants, delicious beach clubs, dazzling rooftops – so you can experience what Malta has to offer.

The places are hand-picked and selected based on your wishes and budget.

The following are included:

Transfer to/from the airport
Tour of Valletta
Driving in a private car
Breakfast, snacks and drinks
Sparring & advice

The following are not included:

Flight tickets
Hotel with breakfast

The price includes 18% Maltese VAT.

Get money back for your trip!

If you buy or rent a home, the amount you have paid for the property search and the inspiration journey/tour can be covered in whole or in part, by a discount or commission from the real estate agent.

When renting, a real estate agent takes a fee corresponding to one month’s rent, which is paid 50/50 by the tenant and landlord.

When buying, the real estate agent takes 3-5% of the purchase price, which is paid by the seller.

As a partner with the real estate agents, a discount has been negotiated on the fee for rental agreements of up to 50% and a commission of up to 25% on purchases/sales. You get paid half of the commission.

The examples below show your financial benefits:

Example of rent:

You rent a home for € 4,000 a month:

Your share of real estate fees: € 2,360
(half month rent: € 2,000 + 18% VAT)

Discount real estate fee: € 1,180
(Up to 50% of fee: € 1,000 + 18% VAT)

Example of purchase:

You are buying a home for € 600,000:

Real estate agency fee: € 35,400
(5% of the house price: € 30,000 + 18% VAT)

Real estate commission: € 8,850
(Up to 25% of fee: € 7,500 + 18% VAT)

Amount paid to you: € 4,425
(your half of the commission)

When renting, the discount is either deducted immediately on the fee invoice or refunded approx. one month after the payment of real estate fees.

Upon purchase, half of the real estate agent’s commission is paid to you, approx. one month after the seller has paid his fee invoice.

The price includes 18% Maltese VAT.

House or apartment in Malta?

The property market in Malta is straight on and tough. Everyone is against each other and the good properties are rented or bought in no time, if you don´t know the market and have the right contacts.

It takes hard work and it´s a time-consuming job to search for the perfect property in Malta. It can be a stressful process if you are left with it all alone.

You get a big advantage by buying the inspiration journey/tour. You don´t have to find good real estate agents yourself, you save time and get good Danish service from an adviser who only works for your interests.

In addition, you get access to unique properties that are not normally advertised to the public.

Whether you want to buy or rent, you get your own personal property search and inspiration journey/tour to Malta tailored.

Your dream home in the southern sun of Malta exists. Whether you are looking for a lovely penthouse with fabulous views, a magnificent villa with a pool, a beautiful traditional townhouse or a standard apartment.

The price includes 18% Maltese VAT.

Ricco Mortensen - Ricco på Malta

Who am I?

Originally I am from Helsingør in Denmark, but find myself living in Malta for the past 2,5 years. From here I run my consulting business where I help all kinds of people move abroad.

I have more than 25 years of experience in advising entrepreneurs and digital nomads and have been a Dane abroad myself since 2016. I have previously lived in Barcelona in Spain, in Cyprus and now live in Malta.

Before I travelled abroad, I was a headteacher in online marketing for several years at Bigum & Co and VIA University College – Denmark’s largest professional college. In addition, I have been self-employed with various companies.

I have good local knowledge, good connections and collaborate with skilled lawyers and accountants in both Denmark and Malta.

My mission is to achieve a good life in the south easy. With the right help, it can be done easier than you think.

I am service-minded, have a high sense of empathy and love helping people. At the same time, I have an innate ability to coordinate and deal with complex issues.

The purpose of the property search and the inspiration journey/ tour is that you save time and unnecessary hassle – and quickly realize your dream of the good life in the south.

The price includes 18% Maltese VAT.

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