Malta relocation advice

Malta relocation advice

Get to know about your options about achieving your dream life and relocating to sunny Malta.

Held as a video call on your PC or mobile.
The meeting lasts one hour.

Make the dream of moving to sunny Malta come true

Book an online meeting and clarify your opportunities to move to Malta under warmer and sunnier skies.

Tax matters

When you move to Malta, attractive tax opportunities are available, especially for digital nomads and entrepreneurs.

Cost of living

How much does it cost to live in Malta – including housing, water, heating, cleaning, internet, mobile, groceries, restaurants, car, etc.

Laws and rules

Different conditions apply whether you are an employee, entrepreneur, digital nomad, world traveller, student or retiree.

Housing options

Get to know the rules on the rental and purchase market, unwritten rules how much you can get for your money when moving to Malta.

Health insurance

Clarify the possibilities of being covered by Maltese health insurance, keep your current national health insurance or private insurances.


Depending on the types of pension you have, you can take them with you abroad and even often with lower taxation.

Run a business

Become wiser about running your business in Malta, most often with lower costs and lower taxation.

EU rights

Learn about your EU rights such as the right to live in another EU country, bring your family, buy a home and run a business.

Held as a video call on your PC or mobile.
The meeting lasts one hour.

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Learn about Malta’s special opportunities

Malta offers you blue skies, a warmer climate and more than 300 days of sunshine a year.

In addition, Malta offers you attractive opportunities in the tax field, a large selection of lovely homes, thousands of years of exciting history combined with a different and exciting lifestyle.

Held as a video call on your PC or mobile.
The meeting lasts one hour.

Book your online meeting

Become wiser about your options

This is for you who are curious about getting a better life and moving to Malta.

One hour video call
Get answers to all your questions
Confidential and competent advice

Bonus! If you subsequently buy a relocation or company package, the price for the online meeting will be discounted.

The price is inclusive of 18% Maltese VAT.
Up to two people can attend the video call.

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