The idea

The idea

It should be easy to achieve the good life in sunny Malta.

I often experience that many people do not get to outlive their dream of living broad enjoying the good life in a warmer and sunnier climate. And I think that is kinda sad – because it’s really wonderful!

Often the big picture of the financial situation is lacking and it can feel confusing with all the practicalities of moving abroad.

This applies, for example, to find the right property in the right location, work rules, dealing with the administrative hassle with the public offices, coordinating the relocation itself, getting to know the rules of the new country and different ways of doing things and so on.

Most people have good control over what the dream of a future good life looks like. It most often includes blue skies, warm temperatures, palm trees, a swimming pool and a less stressful everyday life.

But when I ask deeper into why they have not left yet and made things happen, the doubt emerges.

In most cases, it is precisely the lack of knowledge and planning that makes the dream stay a dream and not a reality.

My mission is that it should be easy to achieve the good life in sunny Malta. With the right help, it can be done easier than you think.

I have more than 25 years of experience in advising entrepreneurs and digital nomads and have been living abroad myself since 2016. I have previously lived in Barcelona in Spain, in Cyprus and now live in Malta.

I am service-minded, have a high sense of empathy and love helping people. At the same time, I have an innate ability to coordinate and deal with complex issues.

In addition, I have good connections and collaborate with skilled lawyers and accountants in Malta and several other European countries.

With me, a high level of service, knowledge and confidentiality are the keywords, to create the right solution for you and your family if they move along with you.

All with the aim of saving you time and unnecessary hassle – and more quickly turn your dream of the good life into reality.

Welcome to the good life in sunny Malta.

Kind regards,