Website review

Website review

Make your website a true money maker by cross-checking your website against 150+ potential sales-killing mistakes.

Optimise your website’s profitability

Does this look familiar? You have set up your website or webshop design, You’ve written great contents for your web pages, You’ve explained your products and services thoroughly.

You’ve published news and/or great blog posts, shared them on social media like Facebook and Twitter, and perhaps even optimised them with good search engine optimisation (SEO).

Perhaps you’ve used free automated online website check tools to fix technical errors such as your meta description, title tags, or certain links that didn’t work.

After you’ve corrected the errors and made some adjustments, your website is more or less as you’d like it to be. Now you’re just waiting for the customers and orders to come in.

But after some time, enough visitors have still not found their way to your website. The ones who actually do visit, don’t make a purchase or an inquiry and you wonder what it is you’re doing wrong.

Why you need a website review

My own specially developed website review report is exactly what you need to improve your website and your online business – so that the money increasingly comes into your company bank account.

This is not just an automated report through a random program. In other words, I actually manually analyse your website.

In order to do so, I use advanced testing tools that help the process efficiently along, although my main focus lies in my professional experience and expertise.

I’ll review and evaluate your entire website so that you know exactly what you need to improve and exactly how to do it.

You will get a checklist with 150+ checkpoints

When you receive the website review report, you have a complete action plan and checklist for what to do with your website.

With more than 150 points, you or your technical geek or graphic designer will see what you’re doing right, and what you’re doing wrong.

And even more importantly, how to improve the areas that require adjustments and improvements.

If you don’t know someone who can fix the errors for you, then I’ll happily give you a quote or refer you to talented and skilled experts from my network who can help you for a reasonable price.

In the website review report, you will get my comments, links to articles that explain your website’s challenges, along with tips and tricks on how to fix them.

What others say

For you who operates an online business, you learn here how to make it a moneymaker. Who would not like to have such?

Bruno Høiberg

I now feel like I’m 1,000 steps ahead of my competitors.

Christina Bonita Oliveira
Founder of F**king Perfect Mama

A one-hour examination of the review report is included

Included in the price, you get an hour’s personal examination review of the report with me via a Skype video conference call.

We will go through the report together from start to finish. I will explain how to fix the errors. You get to ask all the questions you want.

I will ensure that your website will convert much better

That means = get more leads, increase orders and make more money.

When I review your website and prepare a website review, it is always based on optimising your website to convert.

To convert means, you’ll get your visitors to take a specific action. This could be clicking on a particular button, playing a video, buying a product, signing up for a newsletter, etc.

To measure and track your conversions, you should have set up the goals in your Google Analytics account. If you’ve already set up goals, then I will check and adjust them if necessary.

It’s can be difficult to set up goals correctly in Google Analytics if you don’t know why, which is why I’ll help you fix them.

All you need to do is decide on what it is you want to track on your website. I’ll also present recommendations as to what I think you should track on your particular website.

When I determine your goals, I will tell you what it is that I’ve done, show you how I’ve set it all up, and how you can subsequently see how many conversions you’ll get on your own website.

I will help you get the coolest website

I review everything that relates to your website. I check your Google Analytics setup and analyse your data in Google Search Console to see if there is anything that should be fixed.

You also get my honest opinion on your website design, text, structure, your use of the conversion mindset, and the psychological structure or lack of it.

This is what you get with a website review:

Optimisation of user-friendliness
Identifying search engine problems
Best practices for your content
Improving your website speed
Optimising your conversion rate
Building landing pages
Improving your check-out process
Using Call To Action
Social media integration on website
Optimisation of HTML codes
Effective use of your newsletter
Measuring your Google Analytics
Check of cookie & GDPR compliance
Optimisation of your sales flow

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